June 2014

I will be returning to the States on 9th July.

At the end of July I will be going to the Gathering of the Juggalos which is a simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating prospect! Apart from running my reconaissonce mission to collect new source material for future works I’m hoping to implement a disposable camera project  (any tips on generating independent funding will be gratefully received at this time!) with a fellow artist and real live Juggalo… watch this space.

In August I will be heading up to Detroit, I’m lucky enough to have landed a workspace at Popps Packing in Hamtrack for the month, a time for breaking new ground with my work  and a new art community.

I am totally stoked to announce that in October I will begin a three-month residency at Fortress Studios  I’m really excited to see what shape this work takes after the culmination of exposure to Juggalos at their annual festival, Juggalos in their home town, the rest of Detroit’s urban community,  two new artist communities, workshops and new materials and a whole other mindset.

It should go without saying that I am honoured to have been offered these phenomenal opportunities by both Popps Packing and Fortress Studios.


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