jugalette thank you



The response to my call for Juggalettes to take part in the selfie project has been astonishing! More than 500 people have made contact about it which is utterly exhilarating to say the least! Thank you all so much!

From 8am EST on Tuesday I am no longer taking on new Ninjettes. All hope is not lost. It is possible that there will be one last chance to join the project next month. When the time comes I will make an announcement on Facebook.

If you messaged or emailed me about the project before 8am EST today you are in, and you should have received a reply by now. (If not let me know ASAP!) Thank you all so much for taking part, I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures! As always, if you have any problems or questions just drop me a line… but please do so with a private message – remember the first rule of the project ladies!

To all the Lettes who have already submitted their photos – I am thrilled to bits! Thank you very very much!!! So far this project is looking like it’s going to kick some serious ass!!


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