July 2015

I flew back to the States with a handful of paintings in my suitcase and a vast collection of selfies and photographs which arrived via the selfie project. First stop was the Gathering of the Juggalos. It might have been even more magical than last year, there were definitely more people there and it was incredible meeting so many of the Juggalettes involved with the selfie project and other people who were in paintings I made last year. It was also a buzz to say hi to George Vlahakis from Majik Ninja who came to the show and bought one of my paintings last year. I made a lot of new friends and felt part of the fabric of it all as opposed to last year’s virgin spectator. Everything about this year’s Gathering was perfect, the people, the performances, the atmosphere…




 We also took Juggalography cameras with us and got some great resultsfrom some great faces on the scene including Old Creeper and Wolfpac’s Anthraxx.  11694802_930077700382908_1603754359213244576_n


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