February 2015


My new work is all about the women of the Juggalo world; artworks for the ladies, by the ladies and of the ladies…

Last year I was repeatedly asked by fellow artists, journalists and studio/gallery visitors what my experiences were – as a woman – going to the Gathering and other events; how did I react – as a woman – to ICP lyrics, what did I think of the infamous Tila Tequila story, what about the “titties for a dollar”? There was a sincere level of expectation for me to denounce the subculture as misogynist and assert that Juggalettes are unwitting victims of sexual exploitation. I could never deliver the answers these people wanted to hear.

The question of sexism within the Juggalo universe is, as with everything else in Juggalo culture, not as black and white as it may first appear. Not even close. Not to mention the assumption that Juggalettes are – at best – universally suffering some kind of Stockholm syndrome, at the hands of their patriarchal counterparts, is pretty offensive and demeaning in itself.

My new work is an exploration of these ideas and questions, with Juggalettes and female Juggalos at the helm because, let’s face it, nobody else is better qualified to tell their story than they are!

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