April 2015

mail pinup

I was approached by Kim the camera Ninjia who writes for True Juggalo Family to do an interview, which you can read here. Of course I took my opportunity and recruited her for my Juggalette Selfie Project. She very kindly offered to promoted it on TJF as well. Nothing could have prepared me for the response!! When I went to bed that night everything was ticking over at the same steady pace it has been since February, I woke up in the morning to find 425 new likes on my Facebook page and over 300 messages, emails and comments from Juggalettes all over the States, and Canada, England and Australia (!!!!!) wanting to take part. I can’t seem to find the words to express how that feels, one part sheer terror  and nine parts something related to euphoria? It was a powerful thing and the best kick in the ass I have ever had. Work is now happening at full tilt once again. Hooray for Camera Ninjas and Ninjettes everywhere!

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