September 2015

August and most of September were spent working in the studio every day. And managing to get out and engage with some other artists; especially a visiting German artist Franziska Klose, she’s a photographer with a very fresh perspective on post-industrial cities and now, I’m pleased to be able to say, my friend. A happy time.

The muse and I squeezed in a short road trip to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. It was awesome. We rented a log cabin in the woods with a hot tub and without neighbours, internet or cell phone reception. We tried very hard to see a bear, but no luck. We didn’t see any otters or elk or Dolly Parton either 😉

The landscape is stunning, but the manmade elements are a total mindfuck. It’s discount Las Vegas in some of the most beautiful countryside around.  We did go to a dinner show performance, we did go up in a mini hot air balloon and we did taste a vast array of Moonshine.

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