October 2015

The most important time of year in the Juggalo calendar. The most vital time for me to promote my exhibition. Also the month I move out of the Russell and into Popps Packing. Working at full speed 24/7.

Zipr magazine want to write an article, a guy interviews me by email and a photographer comes to the studio. I don’t mind talking about my work (you may have noticed) but I do hate having my picture taken so that was pretty painful.

The gallery had this great idea to make limited edition packs of stickers of my work. We hustle to get those together and some flyers in time to hand out at Frightfest and Hallowicked (the Juggalo equivalent of Christmas Day and Yom Kippur with Detroit becoming a metaphorical Mecca).


The stickers were not ready in time for Frightfest. Deeply frustrating. Luckily the flyers were. Also work is extremely enjoyable when it involves partying with Juggalos.



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